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Tubemate Youtube Downloader For Android

Tubemate Youtube Downloader For Android

Download TubeMate YouTube Downloader Here!

If you love watching online videos and downloading them on your phone, then TubeMate should be your best friend. In this post, we will tell you how to download TubeMate Youtube Downloader for your Android smartphone. But before downloading the TubeMate, we would like you to know somethings about this amazing YouTube downloader. It is a free application that allows you to download your favorite music videos right on your smartphone in just a click. Apart from downloading the music videos, you can watch the videos online without having to go to the YouTube app. All this has been made possible by none other than the TubeMate app.

You should download this app on your phone If you own an Android device to unveil the magical world of online videos. Don’t worry, this application is absolutely free. It doesn’t charge you a dime for downloading the video on TubeMate. The latest version of TubeMate was released in October, 2016. However, you can still download the older version on this website. Download now the TubeMate youtube downloaderfor Android here for free.

Tubemate is for android users only for iOS you can try which is an only youtube to mp3 converter.

What’s Special About Tubermate for Android?

It is very easy to get the TubeMate Android App. You don’t need to be very thorough about the technology to download and operate the TubeMate app. You can easily get the TubeMate youtube downloader for Android  for free. It doesn’t charge you money to making downloads online. You can get this free app in the form of an .apk file. You have to download the TubeMate apk file for Android and then install it on your Android device. You can control the installation according to your needs. You can search for your favorite music videos without even going to the YouTube app just with the help of TubeMate and download it at the very same time. Create a separate list of your favorite music videos and songs with the help of TubeMate App and view the details about its artist, album, title and everything else. The ID3 tags have made the information fetching super-easy.

How to use Tubermate for Android?

Its very easy to use. Just type the name of the video you’re looking for and click on the green arrow button given right at the bottom of the page. This will start downloading your file in the background. You also get the freedom to select the resolution according to your smartphone screen and internet bandwidth. TubeMate android app sends the downloaded video directly to your SD card by default. However, you can alter the setting later through the app notification settings of your smartphone. You can move the downloaded files to your internal storage in case the need arises.

TubeMate Youtube Downloader is surprisingly available in 34 other languages apart from English.If you own an Android smartphone or tablet with the Android version 2.1 or above , you can easily get the youtube downloader easily from this link. The user interface of the app is one of its kind not seen before & very easy to use. The classic red colored graphics are so attractive that even a novice will find it easy to use the app and become an expert at watching online videos and downloading them on their phones. This is one of a kind YouTube downloader app. Download TubeMate for Android here.

Special Features of TubeMate for Android

  • This application uses the authentic fast downloading technology so that you don’t have to wait long for your music video.
  • You can download your files using multiple connections for your single download.
  • Download the music videos in more than one resolutions so that you can get the best according to your smartphone type.
  • The downloading process can be pushed in the background so that you can use your smartphone for other purposes as well. TubeMate YouTube downloader Android downloads the file in background silently.
  • More than one files can be downloaded at the same time.
  • There is a pause/resume feature so that you can pause and resume your downloading as and when you please. In case of internet connectivity issue, the TubeMate automatically pauses your download. The download is resumed when the internet connection is restored.
  • Convert your files easily into other readable formats like MP3 or MP4. It uses the original MP3 media converter to carry out the conversions.
  • You can download your music videos in the MP4 or FLV formats. You can opt for the AAC format in case of slower internet connection.
  • No need to exit the app to play your downloaded or online videos. The TubeMate Android app has the in-built music player to play the music videos.
  • Opt for the lower quality videos in case of slower internet connection. The lower quality videos get downloaded without using much of your internet bandwidth.
  • You can go to the famous websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vuclip, Metacafe, etc. to download your music videos.
  • You can search the desired files using only the 10 letters of the title.
  • The progress of your download is prompted in the notification bar. When the download is finished, TubeMate app will send the notification to you. You can opt out for this option.
  • You can cancel the download without having to go to the app directly. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button on the download bar in the notification pane.
  • You can search and download the music videos directly from the TubeMate. No need to juggle between TubeMate and YouTube.
  • Share your downloaded music videos over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • TubeMate YouTube downloader for Android supports 4K and 60 FPS video resolution. This resolution is sufficient enough to watch and download videos which were captured using the Go Pros.
  • Create a separate playlist of your favorite music videos and play them whenever you feel like. This playlist option is powered by the very authentic Meridian player. So, no need to come out of the app to play your videos on your Android smartphones.

What’s New in TubeMate Version 2.2.9?

The HTML 5 issue has been fixed in this new version of TubeMate. Now you can enjoy watching videos online without being pestered by the pesky online ads. Download the TubeMate app to get rid of any interruptions from the commercials. If you love podcast, you don’t need to watch the entire video to listen to the podcast. There is a new feature which allows you to listen to podcast. The new TubeMate free download converts the videos podcasts in the lighter MP3 formats. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now!

 TubeMate Resolutions for the Android smartphones are:

  1. 1920×1080(Full-HD): Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2, PC
  2.  1280×720(HD): high-end devices
  3.  640×360: general devices
  4.  320×240: low-end devices
  5.  640×360, 854×480(FLV): Android 2.1 and over

The resolution of the video highly depends on the quality and screen resolution of the smartphone you’re using. You can choose the resolution and format while you’re download the file through TubeMate for Android.

Terms of Use for TubeMate for Android:

We request the users to download the TubeMate Youtube downloader app from the authentic websites only. We strictly advise you to use the app for personal and home purpose only. We don’t allow the commercial use of the TubeMate app in any case. Whomsoever denies this warning will be tried in the court of law.

Opinion About TubeMate for Android:

Tubemate youtube downloader for android opinion
Please don’t use the fake websites to download the TubeMate app. Most of these websites knowingly or unknowingly tag along the malicious files with the software. You might be harming your computer by downloading the app from the untrusted sources.

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