Action Launcher 3 Plus Apk [Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen] – [Latest]( Updated June 2019)

Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3 Donate Cracked Pro Apk Full [Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen] – [Latest]

Action Launcher 3 Plus Apk

Read this content carefully before downloading Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3 Donate Cracked Pro apk from the link given below. We have mentioned the features, functions and installation instructions on this page for your knowledge.

Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3 Donate APK

  • Let me first of all introduce you to Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3 Donate APK. What is this App all about?
  • The latest version of the Action Launcher 3 Plus 3.7.3 Donate apk came into market on December 28, 2015 with original size 17mb and apk size 16.8mb.
  • Action Launcher 3 Plus is a cracked apk which imports features from a launcher to customize the existing layout of your phone. It imports features from launchers such as Google Now, Apex, Nova, Sense, Stock Android launcher and TouchWiz etc. so that your phone looks new and fresh every time and you don’t feel bored by constantly gazing at the old layout, theme and home screen of your phone.

Latest Action Launcher 3 Plus APK – new additions

Some new additions to the Latest Action Launcher 3 Plus APK are as follows:

  • It has been equipped with the rare bug fixing capability to the accidental crash of the Apk when it attempts to open Quickbar settings
  • For images selected from external sources and which have size larger than256×256 it displays cropper icon. It will not display icon cropper for images below this size.
  • In the previous versions due to bug, certain icon packs were not applying via settings. The issue has been fixed now in the latest version
  • In the previous versions alpha pixel would turn into black during image cropping, now this issue has been resolved in Latest Action Launcher 3
  • One more issue i.e. icon failure has been fixed
  • If your Quickedit fails to display App info, then uninstall and play shortcut buttons.
  • Now you can lock your desktop without plus upgrade
  • Icon packs now apply via the third party applications
  • Now change displays opens correctly on the Android 4.x over the 3.7.0
  • In the quickedit there is a new UI which recommends alternatives of icons from icon packs
  • Smartsize icons have been resized to adjust material design’s icon guidelines
  • Now you have Google calendar icons which show the correct day of the month

Action Launcher 3 Plus APK- notable features

Some notable features of Action Launcher 3 Plus APK are as follows:

  • Quicktheme uses wall paper color to automatically customize theme items on phone screen
  • Now utilize quickbar to customize google search bar with desired Apps and shortcuts
  • You can now load an App by taping cover and open customized hidden folder by swiping over the cover
  • To reveal Application Widget, just swipe the shortcut. It will enable you to view inbox or Facebook news feed outside of the App.
  • In the quickdrawer, the list of all of your smartphones is present. You can hide unnecessary or least used Apps
  • Now you can customize your phone shortcuts and the gestures

How will you install Action Launcher 3?

  1. Download the apk and store it in your phone’s SD card
  2. Run and then install it
  3. Now enjoy the APK
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